7 Apps Your Business Can Profit From

Apps_istockphoto6Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you time is money. Update the website, post to social media, get the quote out, send the files over, make appointments, call the customer back, along with hundreds of other tasks are all parts of the day to day grind in operating a business. How does one remember to do everything and not let important details and events slip through the cracks? Yes there is app for that; in fact, there are hundreds of apps for that. Here are 7 apps that we have selected that stand out from most as they really do make our day to day lives easier.

7 Apps That You Shouldn’t Have to Live Without!



Social media is on of the most powerful tools for reaching out to your potential clients, and for maintaining working relationships with existing ones. It is easy for some of them to get lost in the shuffle, however with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (the list goes on and on) in your repertoire. Hootsuite brings all of your social media together in a neat (and customizable!) package. You can link all of your accounts to one dashboard and post, follow and preset all from one little app. Plus, it is available on both your computer and phone (Iphone and Android) so you never have to go without this handy little pocket monitor.



If the Owl doesn’t do it for you, you can always use Buffer. This app is a little more straightforward (and you can plan further out) for those of us who don’t have someone constantly drooling over our social media presence. The only thing that isn’t as widespread about Buffer is that you can only link Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to the program. The Facebook posts can get a little “spam-y” if you post too much, too often. But this offers something that many other auto-posting apps do not: write it and forget it. You can set times, frequency and even be warned if you are posting the same tweet/post too close to a very similar one.



If you aren’t using Dropbox for your business yet, you should be. This handy app is like a giant, all access flash drive, except you can determine who can see what files. You can easily access any files, anywhere (with internet) and any time. This is one of the easiest-to-use filesharing programs, featuring a drag-and-drop option and a “dump this whole file in there and deal with it later” plan (you can keep multiple files separate. The one feature that this app doesn’t offer is editing- you have to download the file to make changes, but you could always use Google Docs for that. Not only is this app available for your phone or tablet, but it is also a web app with full access.



This is possible the sexiest to-do list that you will ever experience. Wunderlist offers a comprehensive and interactive patter that allows users to share lists with anyone (and they’re collaborative!). Don’t worry that something important will get deleted, though, since the moderator has final say in what’s actually “done”.  It offers a Facebook-chat style conversation feature that allows you to make comments and save discussions about particular items. The best part? This feature is NOW FREE! The public list feature allows you to see what lists have been made public around the web and you can reference these in your own lists. Finally, this handy “to-do” app features real-time synching that means you will never have to re-write that list twice.



Hosting an event that is going to change the presence of your business? Planning to sell tickets? Have no idea where to start? Don’t want to spend a fortune for someone else to do it? Evenbrite is your answer. You can write descriptions, plan your event times and ticket sales times, and even promote your event directly from the app! It includes a search feature so that consumers can find your event when they search for a similar topic. They charge a total of 2.5%+$.99 of the ticket cost unless your event is free.


photo (1)Linkedin:

What is the first thing that is pushed into your brain when you graduated college, went to business school or generally tried to be an adult? Networking is key. There is not a better app for your networking needs than LinkedIn. On top of its networking prowess, you can be introduced to key players, communication with current contacts with InMail, receive exposure to professional insights and published work, follow companies and even key influencers in your field and (for those job hunting) apply directly from LinkedIn to available jobs. On top of all of this, you can actually download your LinkedIn profile in multiple formats for a quick-and-dirty last minute resume.



One of the biggest complaints of our current digitally driven business world is that everything you do online needs a password to protect content. How the heck are you supposed to remember those slews of letters, numbers and grawlixes? The answer is Passpack. This app is a miracle tool that stores all of your passwords and allows you to determine what employees/users have access to what groups of passwords. It also helps you generate new ones, and change multiple passwords in one fell swoop. Just don’t forget your Passpack password.

There are a million other apps that you can download that perform very specific tasks to your business; however, these apps are some that you can’t live without as a business in general. These 7 apps will help to streamline your daily business and take the risk out of what can seem like mundane tasks. No more lists of passwords sitting around, no more floundering to find attendees for your events, no more wondering what to do next, no more interruptions to deal with Twitter, no more…well, you get the idea. Implement these 7 apps into your business strategy, and you will experience what effects simplifying the everyday tasks and implementing these speedy solutions into your business practices can have on your overall success.

Kerchanin Allen