The Promotional Product Experience

If you ask someone the definition of “good customer service”, you’re likely to hear something along the lines of, “Good customer service is helping a customer get a good or service in a timely manner.” While that’s absolutely correct and something that all businesses should strive for, it’s a little lackluster, don’t you think? Sure,… Read more »

Marketing to Generation Z

Every marketer dreams of getting their products or services into the hands of young people. Why? Because young people quite literally determine what is cool and what isn’t; which products are worth buying and which are not, what sells and what does not. If you can engage with teens and young adults now, you’re in… Read more »

Choosing the Right PPC Agency

Paid search management is an important piece of any well-planned marketing campaign, but not all PPC agencies are created equal. Some agencies lack the resources, experience, and general knowledge that it takes to run a successful PPC campaign. But how can you make sure you’re partnering with the right agency? This guide will help you… Read more »

Website Development with Real Estate Analogy – Rent, Buy, or Build

In today’s world, it’s challenging to find someone not sitting within arm’s reach of an electronic device. Smart phones, tablets, computers—these machines are part of our everyday lives and means we have access to information unlike ever before. With just a few key strokes or a few swipes of the finger, consumers can find just… Read more »

New Promo Items: Summer – Fall 2017

This July we headed to the windy city of Chicago to the mid-year ASI promotional product show to see if there were any new and exciting promotional products to share. Most manufactures release their new products in January, but with the reducing number of distributors using and sending out physical catalogs to clients, the new… Read more »

Why Podcasts are the Future in Storytelling

Oral storytelling has served as a critical role as the sole means of abstracting emotion in a narrative form. Ancient storytellers were thought of as the keepers of history, local knowledge and traditions in their communities. Over many millennia, storytelling has dramatically changed-video killed the radio star and now we also have podcasts. In fact,… Read more »

Customer Experience Interview with Donald C. Kelly

Donald has a belief that “anyone” can sell, if they have the desire. Early on in his sales career, Donald struggled with sales, but through the proper training and coaching, he became a top performing seller. He has since taken it upon himself to “evangelize” the message of effective selling to struggling entrepreneurs, salespeople and… Read more »

Five Ways Your Customers Will Fall in Love with Your Business

Nurturing ongoing relationships with your customers is an important part of growing a successful business. And in this age of automation and innovation, caring for your customers is more important than ever before. At any given moment, an unhappy customer can share their opinion on social media platforms and the web, which can negatively affect… Read more »

The Truth Behind Your Customer’s Journey

A business is only as healthy as its client relationships. Happy customers are loyal customers, which provide stability and referrals. Unhappy or indifferent clients, or even worse angry and disappointed clients result bad publicity and possibly create a bad reputation for your brand. For a marketing agency, one unhealthy relationship can poison its overall stability…. Read more »

Is the Customer Experience More Important Than the Product?

Customers are wanting to be recognized for their purchases more now than in the past few decades. The demand of competition allows consumers to have both the freedom of choice and the freedom of expression should they feel their experience was not up to their expectations. Verint Systems, known best for their security, surveillance, and… Read more »