4 Ways to Build Engaging Customer Experiences for Millennials

Buying power, population portion, and overall attention are in the hands of the Millennial generation. Generation Y, also very commonly referred to as Millennials due to their coming of age around the year 2000, are currently about 18-35 years old. This generation has been distinguished as one very unique in their interactions with advertisements, purchasing… Read more »

Why B2B and B2C are Outdated – Create the Ultimate P2P Customer Journey

Marketers have long understood the advertising channel in two routes: B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer). Depending on which type of industry an organization is in, it could determine how to best market directly to either a consumer or another business. For centuries of advertising campaigns and for millions of companies, this was an effective way… Read more »

Customer Experiences: Interview with Jay Baer

Living in Bloomington Indiana has a lot of perks, and one of them is sharing the same hometown as Jay Baer. Over the past year I have reached out to Jay, grabbed a few lunches and gotten to know him as a friend.  Jay Baer is a renowned business strategist, inspirational keynote speaker and the… Read more »

5 Tips for Personalized Customer Experiences

Our economy has become one of immediate fulfillment and infinite possibilities. The constant connectedness of producers and consumers has vastly changed the buying process in this way. Just think of Uber, the ride company that allows you to connect quickly with an affordable ride just with a few clicks on your iPhone. Or Amazon’s drone… Read more »

5 Tips for Managing Social Media Customer Service

Social media is one of today’s most important communication tools between your brand and your customers. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others have given companies direct lines of conversation with the people who buy their products and services. This accessibility allows companies to relate to their consumers in a way that was never before… Read more »

What should I pay for a website?

A website is a vital aspect to running any business, organization, or event in today’s economy. Especially when starting a business, it is important to invest in a website that will support your company’s purpose and get information to clients and potential clients. One question every business owner has when beginning to look for a… Read more »

Social Media for Small Business: The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Agency

There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to running a business. One of the biggest investments you’ll likely make is in your marketing efforts. Whether it’s in time spent doing your own marketing or in dollars spent to hire a marketing team or agency, it’s important to determine how your… Read more »

How to “WOW” Your Clients: 8 Creative Ways to use Promotional Products

Customers are relatively accustomed to seeing pens, t-shirts, and mugs printed with brand logos and promotional messages. While common promo items such as these are useful and arguably necessary for your business, in order to really surprise your clients and customers you have to start getting creative! Here at Triple R Marketing, we’re always looking… Read more »

Social Media Basics to Remember in 2016

If you do a quick Google search right now for “2016 Social Media Trends,” you’ll find enough information to keep you reading until 2017. The lists, the tips and tricks, the four new updates you must know to conquer Snapchat in the New Year. We get it, things change. Over time, platforms’ potential and users’ expectations… Read more »

Top 10 Promotional Products of 2016

Last week we visited the annual PPAI (Promotional Product Association International) trade show in the big city of Las Vegas. This is by far the biggest trade show the organization puts on as nearly every manufacture in the industry is there to display their latest and greatest of promotional products for the new year. Technology… Read more »