Buy From Yourself Before You Start Marketing

You can come up on page one on every Google search there is,  give away the coolest promotional products in the market and your prices can be the cheapest around…BUT if your customer service sucks, you efforts and placement will only be temporary.  I was reading a article yesterday by Jeffrey Gitomer and he was talking about how great the customer service level is at Chick-Fil-a. They greet you with a smile, great food fast, and they really try to make sure you are happy. He is absolutely right, our whole family loves to eat there. If someone says, let’s eat at Chick-Fil-A, we are all getting in the car. The other day on our way back from a basketball game, the team wanted to stop at Subway to get sandwiches. I will admit there were about 20 of use that walked in to get some sandwiches, so you would think the reaction would be good. Well we got the look of death, and they were mumbling and complaining the whole time. Guess where we will never stop again to eat…

What do your customers think when they hear your name, or your businesses name? Are they excited to call you because they know: you really do care,  answer the phone in a friendly voice, you will go above and beyond to deliver the results they deserve, will return missed calls quickly, will do what you say in the time you give (if not quicker), will be straight up with them when things don’t go to plan and can find a way to make things happen, and make them feel like they are your only customer?  Whew! Tall order but a must in today fast pace society. If you are not willing to do these, someone else is and they may be knocking on your customers door.

If you don’t think you need any improvements, ask a business partner or a loyal customer to rate your service along with everyone else that they have to go through in a order process. Have them give you the good, bad and the ugly, and the rating they give you will be your true report cards.

Matt Ruedlinger