Keep Your Coupon, I’ll Pay More

chick fil a imageWhile talking to a friend last week, we got on the topic of fast food restaurants. He started telling me about how he went to McDonalds for breakfast and ordered a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, but when he got to the window, they handed him a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. So like most of us would, he told them they had the wrong sandwich. The girl at the window stood there and argued with him because she said the computer said bacon.

I could tell he was frustrated about the incident when he was telling me the story, but out of the blue he said, if that were Chick-fil-A they would have been fixed it without even hesitating. He went on to say, I love that place, I hate to even use coupons there because I want them to make money so they will always be around!

Can you say wow! That is one powerful statement from a customer. I think there is a lot we can learn from Chick-fil-A. They have made the customer’s experience so good, that the customer would be devastated (or sad) if they were no longer around. Nothing was ever mentioned about lowering the cost of their sandwiches, or giving out more specials, only the desire that they would be around for him.

Has your business impacted your customers like Chick-fil-A? If your business were to shut down today, would your customers be devastated? Would you be one phone call or click away from being replaced without a flinch from your customer?

So, what are some things that Chick-fil-A has done to create this feeling with their customers? Here are a few things that I have seen, along with comments from some others that I have asked.

  • They are totally transparent in what the company stands for. For those of you who don’t know this, they are closed on Sundays so that the employee’s can be with their families.
  • They are always smiling and happy to serve the customer without seeming like it is a big task to do so. They say words like please, thank you, and my pleasure with a smile.
  • They go the extra mile in offering free diapers and pull ups in the restrooms.
  • Their menu is short and sweet and easy to order from.
  • They work together and you don’t hear them yelling at each other in front of the customers.

Chick-fil-a is selling the experience of eating there, not being the cheapest place you can eat. You know what to expect before you even get ther because they deliver it time and time again. Quick, hot, delicious, and with happy customer service.

How do you start creating an experience like this for your customers? For starters, you have to have an awesome product or service that will benefit your customers. Remember the 3 (C’s) – Convenient, Care, and Consistent.

  • I need to be able to reach out to you in a way that is convenient to me. It can be by cell, text, Skype, email…whatever.
  • I need to know that you really care about my business. No sales pitch, but you really have an interest in more than making a sell.
  • Most important, I want you to be consistent in everything you do from, picking up the phone, returning calls, follow up, taking care of situations, greeting me with a smile, from A-Z.

If your customer doesn’t know that they are going to have a great experience with you before they pick up the phone, you are one click away from being replaced.

What are your thoughts?