Dee Peters

dee A recent graduate of Indiana University’s Media School, Dee Peters is ready to get to work helping business grow their brand identities. Dee grew up interacting with social media both as a consumer and a producer. Her first success creating online content was in blogging- she realized how much potential there is online to spread a message. Brands are just like people, with identities they want to share through social media. Dee specializes in taking a brand’s identity and creating content that is engaging and shareable, taking the pushy sales component out of social media marketing.

The proof is in the pudding: once you start working with Dee, you will see how her approach to social media marketing is unique. She understands how to be results-driven and people-driven at the same time. Dee has an in-depth understanding of how to communicate successfully through each individual social media platform, and how to analyze results along the way to best spread a message. Her success working with brands in a wide variety of industries has prepared her to become passionate about your business and help turn your goals into reality.

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