The Difference in Hosting

confusedWhen it comes to hosting your website there are several options to choose from and it can be overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out which one is the best option. Here is a quick, and simple break down on the options using a vacation rental house as the example so you have a clear understanding on what your are signing up for without all the tech-talk terms.

Shared Cloud Hosting – aka: cheap hosting
This would be like having unlimited people staying at the vacation rental house. This would include you, your family and whoever the owners of the vacation home decide they want to book during the same time. You have no control on how many people will be there during your stay. No one has a assigned room, it’s first come first serve on everything in the house. If 100 people show up to, it’s going to be crowded and hard to move around, not to mention very little hot water!

With Shared Cloud Hosting, your website is put on a server with several other sites and they all shares the same memory, CPU time (central processing) and disk space. Generally speaking, they keep adding and adding sites without any measures of the effect and no one is monitoring. Outside of your internet connection, this is why some sites run fast at times and then all of the sudden they run slow. A website will run slow if traffic to the other websites on the server are having heavy traffic and they server is getting maxed out.

Managed Cloud Hosting – aka: best bang for your buck
This would be like having 4 people stay in the vacation rental house and everyone has a assigned room. No more people are allowed in the house and all the amenities were designed to work with 4 people in the house. The water heater was sized so 4 people could take a hot shower, garage big enough for everyone’s vehicle, etc.

With Managed Cloud Hosting, your website is allotted a certain about of CPU (central processing) and memory. If your site starts using more memory or needs a faster processors than what has been dedicated for it, the web hosting company will take notice and can make suggestions on way to upgrade your memory and disk space. Managed hosting eliminates a businesses need to worry about hardware, software, maintenance, security monitoring and backup services.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting – aka: most expensive
This would be like 1 person staying in the vacation rental house all by themselves. They would have full access to all the hot water, all the amenities in the house, there is no sharing.

With Dedicated Cloud Hosting everything is customized. Server memory, disk space, and CPU is all configured based on your company website needs. Your company has full control over the server to choose which operating software that will be use, as well as managing all the security set up, monitoring and back ups. This is usually a option for a company that has a full time IT department or has a IT person that they have hired out.

Tidbit Hosting Knowledge
Web hosting companies use two different platforms for their server software: Linux or Window and these are nothing more than a preferred method. Like contractors building houses, some like to build on slabs while others on crawl spaces. There are usually reasons why web developers pick one over the other and you won’t go wrong with either one. It’s good to know what they are using just in case you do decide to move your site to a different hosting company down the road.

The last bit of information you should be aware of it if your web hosting company is using cloud servers or their own dedicated in house servers. A cloud server will appear and act just like a normal in house server, and they are nothing more than a big data center full of servers that are rented and sold. The web hosting companies work with the data centers either pays for a servers to host their sites or purchased the server. The advantage to cloud hosting is if something goes wrong with the hardware on a server, the data can be dumped onto another server quickly to eliminate any downtown. Some business feel more secure not having their information in the same room with hundreds of other servers. There is no wrong or right answer to which one should a business use as it is more of a preference and comfort level.

Do your research and ask questions and you will be in good shape to make an informed decision on what is the best hosting platform for your business needs.

Matt Ruedlinger
Matt Ruedlinger