Facebook Forever?

facebookWhen you bring up the topic of Facebook, it seems like people either love Facebook or hate it. At least 1.23 billion people like it enough to have an account and 556 million think its worth getting on every day. Let’s not forget that the monthly users have been increasing at a minimum of 15% every year since it’s birth 10 years ago.

Is this a fad or is the real deal that is going to be around for a longtime, maybe even forever? Is saying Facebook going to have the same effect as saying Coke, Ford, GMC, or any other long standing company that provides a tangible product?

This is the company that had no business plan when they started, didn’t research the market, didn’t apply for any patents, had no focus groups, or anything you would think a successful company would have to have in place in the beginning to succeed. Mark Zuckerberg just build an awesome program and launched it!

How many times have we heard or said “Facebook had another update and has changed everything…again”! It is for that reason alone, that Facebook is stronger today than they have since the company started back in 2004. Facebook makes changes that make us feel good, and that is what draws us back for more.

This past week Facebook came out with My Facebook Movie. After one click of a link you have a video that has when you joined, your first moments, your most liked posts, photos you have shared, and BAM within seconds you have your very own movie, and it’s all about you. We all get excited when we can talk about ourselves, and we want to share that with others.

There is a reason Facebook only let’s 20% of a photo to be covered with text if a business want to pay to boost an advertisement. They know that your are 69% more likely to get a click with an image instead of all text. ¬†Instead of just taking a businesses money and let them do what they want, they guide them with some regulations that they know work.

As long as Facebook continues to focus on grabbing our emotions and giving us unique ways to connect with our friends, families, business partners and customers, I think they are here to stay.

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Matt Ruedlinger