How to Take Control of Your Brand Online

brandEvery business gets excited when customers sing praises about their company online because they know that everyone that person knows, is going to read about them and how wonderful they are. A testimony is the greatest compliment a businesses can receives, not to mention the most effective marketing.

What happens when that customer isn’t so happy and they don’t want to sing? Maybe they want start a mob to bring fire and pitch forks over to tell you have they really feel. Better yet, they are just going to tell everyone they know online through social media about how poor the service or product is and that no one should every call that business!

This is the concern for many businesses, and the reason why many steer away from being visible online through social media. Businesses are afraid that if they start marketing on social media that they will not be able to control what others are saying about their brand. The truth is, they are right, because they can’t control what others are saying about their business.

Businesses can’t control what others say, but by being online they can join the conversation to work toward a resolution that makes the customer happy. If the business is not online, the customer is going to post negative reviews as usual and the business will have no clue.

When businesses participate in negative reviews, trying to steer the customer a happy direction and making sure they are satisfied, they show others that they do care, are human, and do try to make things right. In return people like transparency in businesses and they will remember them for their efforts in trying to make things right versus whatever the complaint was about in the first place.

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Matt Ruedlinger