How to “WOW” Your Clients: 8 Creative Ways to use Promotional Products

Customers are relatively accustomed to seeing pens, t-shirts, and mugs printed with brand logos and promotional messages. While common promo items such as these are useful and arguably necessary for your business, in order to really surprise your clients and customers you have to start getting creative! Here at Triple R Marketing, we’re always looking for new promotional ideas to give your brand an edge on the competition. Here are 8 of our creative ways to use promotional products for your business.

  1. folding phone holderFolding Phone Holder

Nowadays we’re connected to our smart phones, computers, and other devices almost 24-7. If your promo product is useful and tech-forward, it is much more likely to be noticed. With this little kickstand, your clients can keep their phone handy and accessible while it sits on their desk. The colorful, logo-printed stand is light and foldable making it easy to mail to your clients no matter where they are!

  1. grocery toteGrocery Tote

This is a fun way to provide a useful item for customers who are environmentally conscious and family-oriented. The tote is well-made and can go with them to the grocery store and home time and time again.

  1. 6 bottle bag6 Bottle Bag

Nobody likes warm beer! This bag will hold and temp-control up to 6 bottles. If you’re having a company outing or attending an event where there is beer and food, bring some of these branded bags along as a relevant take-away. Each time someone goes to grab a cold one, they’ll have you to thank!

  1. golf ballsGolf Balls

These logo golf balls would pair nicely with something like the 6 beer bottle tote above. Golf outings are a great way to connect and network with important business contacts. For your next outing, gift a few sets of these to leave a lasting impression. Give your customers something they will actually use!

  1. doctors stress ballsDoctor Stress Ball

Perfect for any health-related or medical promotion. It will catch your client’s eye next time he’s sitting at his desk making an important decision. Who knows, maybe your logo will be exactly the answer he was looking for.

  1. sunscreenSunscreen

Make your logo pop on this handy little bottle of SPF 30. It clips on to backpacks, purses, or belt loops to make summertime fun a little safer! If you’re promoting something at an outdoor event or for a summer-specific purpose, think of handing these out instead of just a pen.

  1. lunch containerLunch container

With or without the logo- this is a pretty great lunch holder. It keeps everything cool and separated, PLUS it’s microwave safe! Put your logo on this and give it out for clients to remember you as they sit down for lunch.

clients joans Joan’s Caramels

Send them something sweet and thoughtful. Joan’s Caramels are delicious, homemade, and can be directly sent in a cool container (with your company logo and message) to your clients. If you sign up for their corporate program, Joan’s will automatically send your clients caramels on their birthdays!


Regardless of the promo products you’re using, it’s essential that yours are made with quality, care, and ability to produce ROI. Let us help you plan your campaign so you can rely on your promotional products and messages. Get more information about Triple R Marketing Promotional Products here and feel free to contact us at any time for more info or to get started!