Don’t Huff and Puff and Blow Your Profits Away

big bad wolf

Yesterday, I witnessed someone asking a salesperson a few questions. Instead of smiling and answering the questions, the salesperson was huffy and puffy with them, acting like the customer was bugging them. If that wasn’t enough, they sent them somewhere else in the store to go talk to someone else. Instead of walking the customer to the person that could help them, the salesperson pointed and said, “Go there.”

After seeing this type of customer service, I began to think of how I could incorporate this into a marketing tip. What do you think that customer is going to do once they leave the store? They are going to go tell their friends how rude this person was to them. It used to be that they would just tell the people they came in contact with. In today’s world, these reviews are being posted all over social media platforms, which new customers are checking out before they pick up the phone or walk in your door.

This incident reminded me of a conversation I had several years ago with a friend of mine that owns an autobody repair shop, and one I will never forget. We were sitting at a coffee shop and he was telling me that they were having the best year of business since they opened the doors 15 years ago. I asked him what the key factor was in that. His response was something to this effect. “I take care of all our quotes. When I would get ready to start working on a car, I would get paged me to come up front and give a customer a quote. I would take my tools, slam them down, and curse all the way to the front. I could never get any work done with getting interrupted all the time. Then one day, I finally realized that those quotes are my future projects. From that day on, when they paged me, I would set my tools down, look up and say thank you Lord for this opportunity.” He went on to say that his employees saw the change in his attitude and starting following his example by showing the same respect towards potential and existing customers. They started getting more referrals and repeat business instantly.

This example is one that we all can learn from because we all get busy in our own worlds. The next time you’re tired, busy, upset, grouchy, or whatever it is, remember that the next person you see or speak to, could be the key to your next sale, big idea, referral, and could be your next best friend.

You can have the greatest marketing plan that exists, but if you don’t know how to treat people, it will all be for nothing and you will be destroyed in the social media conversation.

It is easier to act your way into feeling than it is to feel your way into acting. People like doing business with people that genuinely care and who are nice.

What are your thoughts?