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Today all the buzz is around driving traffic to websites and getting likes and followers on social media pages. These are important, but if any business is aiming for remarkable business opportunities and growth you must combine these with equally remarkable customer experiences. According to Walker research, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator.

Customers want to be heard and remembered. Launch is about helping companies and organizations transform from satisfaction to experience by aligning the people, place, and processes. You will come away from this seminar with the skills to leverage the combined forces of social media, SEO, and customer experience, tools for elevating your business to the next level.

Who Should Attend?

If ready to take your business to new heights Launch is for you.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing coordinator, a town organization, or simply someone who is interested in learning how to create experiences that help drive increased sales, repeat business and new clients, this seminar is for you!

Learn how to get your customers to tell the people they know how great you are (the most powerful marketing tool out there) – you will hear the steps to creating memorable experiences for customers that empower them to share their satisfaction with the world.

What you’ll learn:
Optimizing your website
 5 elements that are crushing SEO
 Proper link building
 Sitemap creating and submitting
 Keyword research – what are users searching for
 Creating blog topics that grab attention
 Title tagging that create organic search results

Social Media Marketing
How to enhance your user experience through social media
Get to know your audience and how to maximize your content’s potential
Learn what authenticity looks like on different platforms
Explore how different generations experience social media marketing
Gather useful tools for analyzing social media effectiveness

Customer Experience
 Understanding the customer experience demand from different generations
 Exploring the gap between companies saying they’re great versus customers saying they’re great
 Why satisfied customer’s don’t tell stories
 Steps in creating customer empathy mapping and how to use in marketing efforts
 Walking in the shoes of your customer through touch point mapping
 Creating experiences both online and offline
How to build customer loyalty and advocacy

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Meet The Speakers

RuedlingerMatt Ruedlinger knows how to move ideas to action. He has custom created and delivered high-impact talks for organizations of all sizes across a wide spectrum of industries. Building on his experience working with fortune 500 companies and has worked on an event with world-renowned author Jeffery Gitomer, Ruedlinger has established himself as an expert in customer experience and engagement strategies. He has been featured on the weekly television program Inside Indiana and has been featured on several top podcast (B2B Growth, The Sales Evangelist, The App Guy, The Success Code, Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do and more). Matt has helped businesses promote their products at world-renowned events, such as the ESPY awards. Ruedlinger is also a web, marketing, and development expert offering his experience to the App world.

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“Good customer experiences happen, but great customer experiences are planned.” Matt Ruedlinger

As Featured On:
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dee Dee Peters grew up interacting with social media both as a consumer and a producer. A graduate of Indiana University’s Media School, Peters is skilled in sharing a brand’s identity with the world by creating content that is engaging and shareable around it. Dee uses her in-depth understanding of how to communicate successfully through each individual social media platform, and how to analyze results along the way to best spread a message to successfully help brands reach their goals.

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