Marketing Consulting

The ways of marketing have changed. Advertisers have shoved their messages at consumers at every corner, webpage, and article, and we now have trained our minds to ignore them. The consumer is in control of the brands they want to see and interact with .  In order for a business to break through the noise and connect with consumers, they must provide a way of customer experiences so their customers become their cheerleaders. If a company says they are great, no one cares, but if a friend, family member, or business colleague mentions how they are, people listen.

Customer satisfaction is the bare minimum that the consumer will accept, otherwise they will let their whole network know. Satisfied customers are no longer a metric of success because satisfied customers don’t tell stories.

Ask Yourself:

  • What makes your business unique and stand out from everyone else?
  • If you were to close your doors today, what would your customers do? Would they panic or are you a Google search away from being replaced.
  • When a customer has a great experience and shares it, is it because you planed for that experience, or was it a one time event?
  • Are you marketing to different generations or do you have one message that hits all platforms? Hint..Generation Z is not on Facebook.

We are no longer B2B or B2C, we are P2P (People 2 People). As a business, you now are faced with a choice…have bigger advertising budgets, or create experiences.

Our approach is to share messages that are relevant and create high value for your audience and create experiences that your customers will want to share.

Meetings are offered in our office, via phone, or Skype