Matt Ruedlinger

Unparalleled Understanding of Customer Experience.

Highly Creative. Engaging. Responsive. Tech savvy.

Triple R Marketing customers are using these words to describe Founder and CEO Matt Ruedlinger.

Matt is a 20-year veteran of the marketing and sales world with a contagious and inspirational excitement for his work.

With an enviable network of talent at his fingertips and a proven record of sale-generating ideas, he has become a go-to guest for national podcasts, a crowd-pleasing speaker for major Midwest business expos, and a regular presenter for the Indiana State Fair Association, Ivy Tech Community College, and the Indiana Chamber Executives Association.

Exceptional customer experience IS his business, and he brings that passion to the microphone whether he is charming a conference crowd or an engaging an online audience.

Why Customer Experience?

Business leaders rely on Matt to help them take their businesses – Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike – to a whole new level.

With an engaging and energetic style, Matt’s laser-tight focus on customer experience brings a fresh approach to the world of branding and outreach.

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes…

Imagine visiting a website for the first time as a customer looking for something specific…or opening the door to a brick-and-mortar store with the fresh eyes of a new buyer…

Is it just ok…or is it a wow moment?  

Is the goal just making a sale, or is it creating a captivated customer – one who is happy enough

 to tell a friend or generate social media buzz?  

Still not sure? Listen to Matt Yourself…

Listen to some of the national podcasts that have had Matt on as a guest, and try not to call him. He’s already working on his next big idea, and it could be just what you need to grow your audience, your business, or your next event.

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