Meet Triple R

Our People, Your Vision, Our Purpose

We show up every day with purpose and passion. Our exceptional team of professionals is the most important part of who we are and what makes Triple R Marketing a preferred and trusted partner for our clients.

“If we don’t alter our own expectations, we have the ability to set the bar for others to chase.”
Matt Ruedlinger, CEO, Triple R Marketing

Matt Ruedlinger
Mandy Kay
Office Manager
Michelle Harber
Creative Design Manager
Jodi Drescher
Support Manager
Tracy Kaylor
Purchasing Manager

Our Core Values and Purpose


Build an Honest and Supportive Client Relationship

When searching for a partner, it’s not simply about the quality of product provided. More so, it’s about enjoying working with the team in place and a trust built on actions from the team to provide prompt, reliable, and exceptional service to you, the client.


Embrace Change and New Ideas

The marketing space is consistently evolving, as is our clients’ needs. We willingly embrace new ideas from our clients to bring their visions to life. Our team remains current and ahead of design trends and technology that achieve success for our clients.


Solutions, not Sales

In a world where our clients are “sold” to every day, we let our results, designs, and reputation speak for themselves. We do not pressure our clients to pursue additional services if they are not in the scope of the solutions they seek.