New Promo Items: Summer – Fall 2017

This July we headed to the windy city of Chicago to the mid-year ASI promotional product show to see if there were any new and exciting promotional products to share. Most manufactures release their new products in January, but with the reducing number of distributors using and sending out physical catalogs to clients, the new trend in the industry is to release a few new products throughout the year. Here is a list of some of the hot items as well as some promotional products we thought would be great giveaways.

Without a doubt fidget spinners were everywhere. From basic, to light up and glow in the dark. Every manufacture has jumped on this ban-wagon. The trick to these has been getting them in a reasonable amount of time. We are featuring the spinner from Norwood as they have been on the last manufactures to jump on this trend, but have an impression inventory commitment. Click HERE for more information about these fidget spinners.

With personal security being a hot topic across the news, we found the web cam cover to be very interesting. Once a client puts this on their phone, your company is being branded to that individual multiple times a day and this could be one of the most powerful branding promotional products in the market. There were only a few manufactures that were promoting this and we found HIT Promotional Products to have a nice price point. Click HERE for more information about the web cam cover.

The phone grip from SlingGrip is another trend of 2017 and now have a slew amount of color options. The strap comes in full color and for an additional .12c you can have your business card printed in full color on the back side of the card that holds your branded grip. This is an amazing way to hand your information over to a potential client and you will be sure to stand out. And like the webcam cover, a very powerful branding promotional product. Click HERE for more information about the phone grip.

Since everyone carries a phone it is no wonder the hot items are tech/phone driven. The Pop Socket fits right into this category. Depending on if you want the actual “Pop Socket” name brand, these are actually a really nice and affordable give away. We are going to feature the name branded Pop Sockets from iClick. Just know you can get an off brand for move that half the cost. Click HERE for more information about the Pop Sockets.

Some say that the presentation is just as important as the gift itself. For those, Independent Folders have came out with 10 styles of gift boxes and welcome kits. This is really nice because you don’t have the extensive die charges that you would have with regular custom box ordering. These are new items and they do not have on their website yet. Send us an email if you are interested in options and pricing.

If you are looking for something techy for a traveling client, you will be a superhero with the Two-Way Bluetooth Tracker & Luggage Tag from Powerstick. If you luggage gets lost, you are a tap of an app away from knowing it’s location. They offer some amazing packaging as well and have another similar technology product for your keys. Click HERE for more information about the luggage tracker.

Yeti type tumblers were another hot item. We featuring the Mount Tumbler by Norwood. Double-wall vacuum construction with copper insulation keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours. Great price point for this type of quality in a promotional product. Click HERE for more information about the Mount Tumbler.

Fall is right around the corner and if you are looking for an amazing high quality long sleeve shirt, then the OGIO OE321 is just for you! Stay-cool wicking, breathable, and extremely comfortable. Ogio has this in both men and women’s styles. Click HERE for more information about the Ogio long sleeve shirt.

These are just some of the new cool items we seen at the show. If you would like more ideas or pricing on the items above, please send us an email at