Owning Your Name Domain

The other day in a meeting of 30+ business owners and decision makers, I asked the question: How many of you Google someone before you return their call or purchase from them. 90% of them raised their hands. In case you don’t know, this is the way the world works now. Before anyone is going to call you for a job interview, before anyone is going to call you to buy something from you, they are going to Google your name and see what they can learn about you. They may Google your name just to find out about you even if they know they are not going to call you back.

Owning your name domain is one of the most important marketing avenues you can do for yourself and your business. You want to control the first image that clients see of you when they are doing their homework about you. Owning your own name domain is also a very powerful tool to help direct your clients to your business website. After they get to know you a little better, they can connect to your business site, through your personal site.

Your page doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. A simple WordPress blog template with a few quick things about you, maybe some of your favorite books, a image or two, something interesting..etc. Just make sure it is clean and professional.

In case you haven’t researched me yet, here is the link mattruedlinger.com. Yes I make a mean chili 🙂