Podcast Marketing

Telling Your Story

Since the beginning of time, stories have existed in one form or another. Stories are told for many different reasons with each of them having a different purpose; some to entertain and some to educate. But the best stories all share one common thread: they help you connect with your audience. Stories that connect make a lasting impression.

And that brings us to you and your brand. To be successful, your brand needs to be memorable; it needs to create engagement. Not only will this help you acquire new customers, but it also helps to increase customer retention.

But how do you go about telling your story? Traditional marketing techniques such as email marketing may pave the way for a few new leads, but will it produce the lifetime customer you’re looking for?

Does it let potential customers connect with you on a personal level? How do you connect with your target audience on a humanistic level? By finding your voice via podcasts.

Podcast downloads have grown from 1.6 billion in 2012 to 3.3 billion in 2015, according to Pew Research Center. http://www.journalism.org/2016/06/15/podcasting-fact-sheet/. In addition, approximately 21% of Americans listened to podcasts on a monthly basis in 2016, according to Edison Research.

Regardless of size, storytelling through podcasts is something that every company can use. And if you want to present yourself as an authority figure, your voice needs to be heard. Pitching yourself for a podcast interview allows listeners to get to know you-and start to trust you. Podcasts help you build credibility in your chosen niche. It’s your voice that separates you from the rest.

Superpowers of Podcasts

Podcasts do wondrous things:

  • They can educate
  • They can entertain
  • They inform and they can even evoke laughter

But there is one superior function of podcasts perform that outperform the rest. And it’s the primary reason why you should seriously consider starting a podcast. Podcasts connect people with people. They connect content creators with content consumers, and they do it in a way that cannot be duplicated.

The reasons for this are so simple.

First, podcasts have a real voice. Not the “voice” of a hand-written blog post, but a real human voice, with subtleties of inflection, emphasis and emotion. And it’s this voice that breathes life into the content.

Second, podcasts are portable. You plan podcasts around your life. You don’t have to plan your life around podcasts. Podcasts are convenient, which is why you invite them places other content cannot go.

Contrast the power of podcasting with videos, which also connect people. Videos are demanding egocentrics who want all of your attention. Videos implore, “Stop what you’re doing and focus only on me!

On the other hand, podcasts don’t need every ounce of your attention. They pleasantly ask, “What topic would you like to learn about? When, where and by whom? Just push play, go about your normal activity, and we’ll be happy to oblige.” Like a humble, trusted friend.

That’s why podcasts are there while you cook dinner, wash the dishes, and even when you mow the lawn. Because they work around your schedule, and this is why podcasts present such a great opportunity for you to move your audience.

At TripleR Marketing, we know how difficult it can be to make your market in the business world. We want to help you be heard. We pride ourselves on creating effective campaigns that communicate a unifying message flexible enough to resonate across multiple social media channels.

From conducting the initial interview to helping you build your brand through social media advertising and content marketing, we bring people together through strategy, creativity, media and technology.

Brands are like people. When they truly love their work, they radiate and people are drawn toward their energy.

If you’re ready to start to building a remarkable podcast audience, then you need to be deliver an unforgettable audience experience. Let Triple R Marketing help you discover your true voice and position yourself above the competition.