Social Media

Our Approach
Your presence on Social Media can determine your business success. While it’s not always the most clear-cut investment, it’s clearly a necessary one. With a stabilized, optimized, and humanized approach to social media marketing, your brand will become more defined and approachable to those in your target market, and will therefore be easier to find online.

We always go into social media marketing campaigns with an honest approach. Being too sales-oriented or pushy on social media will only lead to decreased engagement. Because we want to increase engagement and visits to your website, we focus on likable, sincere content- things that people actually want to read. Whether you’re a small business hoping to expand your client base, a local organization looking to get more positive chatter online, or a company that just needs help creating more engaging content, we can help.

Additional Services – with packages

$150 Press Release Writing (500-600 words)
$150 Website Blog (500-600 words)
$199 Per Additional Social Media Platform (Cross-promoting content on other platforms)
$150 Competitive Analysis
$100 SERP Reporting (Search Engine Results Page)

Comment Response (aka Reputation Management)
There is nothing worse on social media than a comment from an existing or potential customer that goes unheard. We will be the eyes and ears of you online brand by replying to your following in a quick, timely manner so they feel important, and part of your community. This service also includes engaging with negative comment. Reply to negative comments requires a written strategy on what we can and can not say. Otherwise, we will notify you on a per comment basis on how to reply.

SPAM Monitoring
The last thing any company needs is a bunch of junk that clutters their online reputation. If we see spam that is irrelevant to your business, we will take necessary step to have it removed.

Content Creation
This is where the rubber hits the pavement. In order to engage with anyone online through social media and/or SEO (search engine optimization), you must understand how to connect with them through words, images, and video’s that educate, inform, and entertain. On a local level, we help businesses build a community by sharing events and news in the community. Across all markets we create information on interesting topics from your view to share with your audience, making you the expert in your industry.

Ad Campaign Management
Each generation engages with social media in a different way. It is important to know who your target audience is, and monitor what is working and what isn’t working, and make chances as needed. The market is alway evolving and changing, so it is important to monitor the shift and create strategies that grab attention.

SERP Reporting
Search results are generated based of users location. SERP reports (Search Engine Results Page), let businesses know where their site ranks on specific keywords based on user’s location.

Competitor Analysis
Want to know what keywords your competition is using? Wonder where their traffic is coming from? Our competitor analysis reporting allows us to put your business in the same arena as your top competitors. This is done by identifying target keywords, page linking and through other online optimization strategies.