Tackling Social Media

Social media consumes our lives on a daily basis whether we like it or not. While social media is widely thought of for personal use, it can also be used by businesses as well! However, with the dozens of different social media avenues available today, many questions arise from which outlets to use, to how to use them in a way that will target the desired audience effectively. Social media can easily be catered to fit your business; you just have to choose the ones that suit your needs!

Facebook: We’ll start with the big one, the largest social network, Facebook. Companies of all sizes should utilize Facebook because, being the largest social network, it provides you with instant marketing. Not to mention it can easily link you to many future clients. The best way to use Facebook is to create a page for your business, invite others to “like” your page, and then post updates about your business with links back to your business’s page. Posting photos is also a great way to grab the attention of users.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn often dubbed the professional social media service. It allows you to essentially create an online résumé that you can then share with other business professionals.  It also provides a great way for you to make connects with other businesses, look for jobs, and share expertise. LinkedIn also has what is called the Influencers program, where the most affluent professionals of today publish articles available to all users.

Twitter:  Twitter is a great way to promote business in a few short words. Promotions, deals, and news are just a few ways your business can keeps it’s followers in the know. Twitter is also a great way to link your users back to your company’s website through information in the tweets.

YouTube: YouTube provides a unique way for business individuals to demonstrate skills and offer advice and expertise through videos. Many businesses upload tutorial videos, which can help clients and perspective clients with tasks relating to your business.

Instagram: Instagram is best for businesses selling consumer products, or provide a service they can document with photos, such as homebuilding. As a photo app that allows you to post photos with a caption, it’s a great way to grab the attention of users through images of what distinguishes your business from the competition.

Blogs:  Blogs are the most versatile form of social media with endless possibilities because you can write about anything and everything. They also provide an easy way to draw clients to your site since more often than not, they are directly on your business’s homepage, under their own tab. The best way to grab attention is to add pictures and other graphics to add visual interest just make sure the images are your own!