The Promotional Product Experience

If you ask someone the definition of “good customer service”, you’re likely to hear something along the lines of, “Good customer service is helping a customer get a good or service in a timely manner.” While that’s absolutely correct and something that all businesses should strive for, it’s a little lackluster, don’t you think? Sure, we want our customers to get what they pay for and we want them to get it quickly, but by doing the bare minimum, your business could be missing a huge opportunity!

The difference between “good customer service” and “great customer service” is engaging with customers in a way that ultimately leads to brand or business loyalty. Customers don’t just want a transaction, they want an entire experience. You may be asking yourself, “What do you mean by that?”

Customer experience is the sum of many crucial and equally important touch points, including your website, customer service (that is very important after all!), social media presence, marketing tactics—the list goes on and on!

Consider the following:

  • How does a customer feel after visiting your website? Was it easy to navigate? Could they find what they needed quickly?
  • What happens when a customer engages with you on social media? Do they get a prompt reply? Is the content you’re creating relevant and useful?

The answers to these questions will let you know if your business is on the right track to creating positive customer experiences and ultimately, brand loyalty. And what’s the benefit of brand loyalty? Repeat customers and referrals.

Lets focus on one oftentimes overlooked tactic that can make your business stand out and help customers remember you: Promotional products.

What is a promotional product, you ask? Promotional products are products that are branded with a business’ logo or slogan. Many businesses use promotional products are part of their overall marketing or communication strategy. This can be anything from a mug to a duffel bag and the goal is the same: Put something with your name on it into the hands of potential customers.

When it comes to using promotional products as an extension of customer experience, quality of the product and timing are key. You’ve probably traveled to numerous tradeshows or conferences and received forgettable company pends that wind up buried in the back of your desk drawer, or in the trash. However, if you pass out a more premium version of that pen on say, a birthday, an anniversary, or just as a “thank you” for continued business, you can make a real impact in the mind of your customer!

If you can give a client a promotional product that has value and do it unexpectedly, then your business will win their undivided attention. The value of that undivided attention priceless because they’re thinking of your business from the time they open the gift through the time it takes to write you a thank you (and trust us, clients will write you thank you notes!). Pro tip: Add a hand-written note with that promotional product and you’re a rock star.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate promotional products to share with you customers, cheaper is never better. Just because you get a price cut by ordering magnets in bulk doesn’t mean you should do it. Select items that are useful and appropriate for your target customers. Pro tip: If you keep your customer at the forefront of your mind during your decision-making process, you’re bound to pick items that will leave a lasting impression and build stronger relationships.

For example, you can drop off business cards, send emails, leave voicemails or try other traditional marketing methods while prospecting. This will typically yield a 2-3% response rate. Not that great, right? But if you mail someone a nice quality t-shirt with a water bottle, you’re more likely to get a 60% or higher response rate!If you can give a client a promotional product that has value and do it unexpectedly, then your business will win their undivided attention.

Why? Because you went the extra mile to make your business stand out and made a connection with a potential customer. The thought you put into that promotional product demonstrates that you value your relationship with your customers and starts creating a positive customer experience from the start.