The Value of Hand Writing a Thank You Note

In 2017, a trip to the mailbox is a very mundane ritual that yields only mass-produced advertisements and computer generated bills. The only handwritten text you may receive could be a short message inside a birthday card from your grandmother. With the emphasis on handwriting disappearing from elementary schools in favor of keyboarding technique, the likelihood of getting a handwritten letter is fading every day. Just imagine how captivated you would be if you received a message or note written by pen and ink. The rarity of such a personalized message is enough to make the recipient feel special. This is why handwritten thank you notes are still a great idea.

Depending on the time in which you grew up, you were probably told by parents and teachers that you should always write thank you notes after a job interview or after receiving a gift. With the world going digital, some people have shifted that sentiment to e-mail and taken away the personal touch. Sure, a quick e-mail or text message is nice, but takes little effort. A handwritten note is visceral and appears much more genuine because it allows the recipient to read your words as they flowed from your brain to the pen. The physical note shows that you took the extra time to carefully consider the reader. People send texts and e-mails so routinely that a thank you e-mail just doesn’t carry the same weight as the handwritten copy.

Today, customer experience is more important than ever. When writing a thank you note to a colleague, try putting pen to paper and letting that person or persons get a feeling of how you are truly appreciative of their business. Remember: notes don’t have to be novels. Short and sweet can say just as much as a letter without being too much for a recipient to read.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your business! We are truly grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. Please don’t hesitate to call me if ever a problem should arise. We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you for many years to come.


Don’t worry about having sloppy handwriting; it’s the thought that counts and surely someone in the office can read it. That is the beauty of writing a note. Displaying your thoughts as well as your handwriting exhibits a genuineness and vulnerability that cannot be properly reflected in an e-mail. A simple note like the one shown above is an ideal response to a pleasant experience. Personal exchanges help create relationships that can last a lifetime.