The Difference In Hosting

When it comes to hosting a website there are a lot of different companies and options out there to choose from. You can get hosting from as low as $5 a month or as expensive as several hundred dollars a month. So what’s the best option? The hosting you choice depends on your situation and what you need.

The two most common options available and shared and managed hosting.

Shared Hosting is pretty cheap, starts at about $5 dollars a month and usually you get unlimited traffic and storage on your site. The problem is that your website is being hosted on one server with hundreds of other websites. You still have unlimited traffic, but all the traffic from the other sites can over-whelm the server resources. This can cause your site to become slow to load and your visitors may be impatient in waiting the few extra seconds for your site to load.

Managed Hosting is going to cost a little more, starting around $10 dollars a month. The difference here is when you purchase a portion of the server resources it is yours. The hosting company can’t and shouldn’t resell your portion of server to more and more sites. The server is now sitting and waiting for someone to go to your site and there as no other site the server has to worry about loading. This makes your site load a lot faster and keeps your customers happy. If you choose a company with a managed server, make sure they keep up with security patches so your site is not vulnerable to hackers.