Website Prep Checklist & Questionnaire

Thank you for trusting us with your business as we are very excited to start developing your new website! We strive to make this a very simple and smooth process.

Before we start getting into the coding of your website, there are a few steps and questions that need to be looked at and set up. These steps were created to make the process go extremely effective in both development and time. If everything on this list has been worked out prior to the development, we can usually complete your site in 6-8 weeks after approved layout.

Step 1 – Domain Ownership
Make sure your company owns your domain. Around 60-70% of our clients think they own their domain, when actually they don’t. Here is how you check: Go to and enter your website URL into the search box. You will want to review the Raw Registrar Data. If you don’t see your company name as the Registrant Name, then legally, you are not the owner of the URL. If you are listed, this is great and you can check off this box. If you are not listed, don’t panic! Go to and set up an account for your business. Next you will want to contact the business that is listed as the Registrant Name and let them know that you are going to request your domain to be transferred to your companies GoDaddy account. Have them make sure the domain is unlocked and available for transfer. It can take up to 60 days for the authorization of the unlock to take effect if it was locked prior to your request. We will help with the transactions once you get to this point.

Step 2 – Website Photos
Images are not included in the web development fee. It is always best if you have images
of your own for your new website. If you don’t have any, please go to and select the images you would like to use on your website. You can purchase images or we can take care of this for you. Images run $10 per photo and we wound need the photo ID number.

Once you have your images selected, upload them onto DropBox. If you don’t have a Dropbox account you can use this link to set up a free account HERE. Create a folder in Dropbox and share it with us. If you need help in sharing the folder, click HERE for instructions.

Step 3 – Company Logo
We will need your logo in vector format. This is usually a EPS or AI file. Sometimes this can be a PDF file depending on how it was set up. JPG and PNG files are not vector. Send over the files you have and we can let you know if they are the right type. If you have ever had a proof sent for printing anything, those tend to be created in vector. Please drop this image into the Dropbox folder.

Step 4 – Website Content
You want to start thinking about the content of your website. This tends to be a challenging process for many. Let us know if we are taking existing content off your current site or if you are writing new content. Do NOT go and copy content from other website’s as it will hurt your ranking dramatically with Google. If you would like to have someone write the content for you, contact us now and we will work with you to do so. Please note content creation is not included in website development and would occur an additional fee.

By answering the questions below, we will have a strong understanding of what you are looking for in your website. Once we receive the information above and this questionnaire, we will start working on a graphic mock up of your website pages for you to review and approve. We do not start any coding until mocks ups have been approved.