Why B2B and B2C are Outdated – Create the Ultimate P2P Customer Journey

customer-experienceMarketers have long understood the advertising channel in two routes: B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer). Depending on which type of industry an organization is in, it could determine how to best market directly to either a consumer or another business. For centuries of advertising campaigns and for millions of companies, this was an effective way to view marketing efforts. Now, however, commerce has undergone some changes and consumers are asking for a more personal approach from marketers. B2B and B2C have become outdated ways to view potential marketing streams: the new method is P2P.

Person-to-Person marketing is now possible with the amazing amount of data and personalized communication tools at our fingertips. Because consumers also have so much information at their fingertips, they have higher expectations when it comes to being sold on a new product or service. Consumers want their individual needs and personal necessities to be valued by companies- their experience with a brand is outweighing their experience with the actual product or service when it comes to their satisfaction. This means that marketers have to create memorable, meaningful connections and journeys for their customers. Here’s how:

Spend more resources on customer service than you do on traditional marketing and advertising. This will give your consumers the opportunity to interact with your brand in new ways and feel a sense of connection and belonging with your company over others. By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. Marketers of the past would gasp at the idea of decreasing advertising spends in order to increase customer service efforts, but companies who do not open their minds to this new type of consumer experience may be left in the dust when generations Y and Z are the highest earning portions of the population.

Listen to what your customers are saying. Value the feedback you receive from reviews and any other online interactions with your customers. Use this information to advise future efforts and customer service tactics. People are very responsive to recommendations and suggestions from people they trust. Convince your current customers to speak for your brand and get a personal introduction to new potential customers. It’s just like meeting new friends: isn’t it much easier when you have a mutual friend to tell you how much you have in common?


Keep in mind the importance of entertainment. Especially with digital marketing efforts. In order to create an ultimate, memorable P2P customer experience, you have to give your consumers what they want: entertainment. People do not scroll through their Instagram feeds to find new products to purchase, they do so to be entertained and to feel connected. Learn what entertains your target market and produce content that will make them tick. They will realize you’re in tune with their needs and feel connected to the core of your brand.

Map your customer’s current journey and impact them when they tend to be dissatisfied. Take a look at your consumer and how they experience your product or service. A great way to offer unbeatable, personalized service, is to take the least-favored parts of the consumer process and make them desirable. Uber thought of this when they took money-handling out of the cab riding process. You should know how your customers feel about their experience at each point along their journey with your brand, and do your best to make more of that journey positive.

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